Booking Options

We offer a variety of New Zealand-based options to suit you or someone you care about. Make safety a priority and book with Safety Outdoors.

The cost of each option is per activity, not per person. I know! We’re incredibly generous, so go solo or go big – your safety is our top concern.

To register with Safety Outdoors is simple.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re looking for a specific service that isn’t listed on our website. We're open every day, including public holidays.

The Single - NZ$10 (including gst)

Perfect for any outdoor adventure that you may decide to do on the spur of the moment. Just right for a one-off activity.

Fit for Five - NZ$40 (including gst) for any five activities over a 12 month period

If you’re preparing for a special event and putting in early morning or late evening sessions as part of your training schedule, or planning to make the most of an outdoors holiday, this option has you covered! A Fit for Five gift voucher is also the best way to look out for a family member or friend you want to keep safe.

The Top Ten – NZ$60 (including gst) for any 10 activities over a 12 month period

Whether you are travelling the length and breadth of the country, or the outdoors is where you spend every weekend, you should really take the time to explore this stunning country. Whether it's for yourself or the greatest gift ever, The Top Ten option is ideal for any outdoor adventure.

Annual Pass – NZ$200 (including gst) valid for 12 months

It doesn’t get better than this – Safety Outdoors at your beck and call for 365 days. The best investment you’ll ever make!

Pass holders please note that Fair Use Policy applies – see Terms of Service.

Gift Voucher

Keep a friend or family member safe and gift them a voucher to show you care. A positive way to encourage them to think about their own safety in the future. A simple way to achieve peace of mind for you.

If you receive a gift voucher your name and mobile phone number may have already been provided to us. All you need to do now is register online, email or call us with your activity details.

We will confirm that we have received your activity details and will contact you for any further information required.