How Safety Outdoors works

Register your outdoor activity

One of the key elements to your being safe in the outdoors is always using a trusted contact. Someone you can rely on to check that you have safely completed your chosen activity within the expected time frame.

Regardless of where your adventures take you, whether you’re alone or with a group, whether your trip was planned or spontaneous, Safety Outdoors offers an affordable, easy solution to staying safe on your outdoor adventure. We store your information securely, and will act as your trusted outdoor contact.

So... you're prepared, provisioned, weather-wise, and ready for action. All you need to do now is register via our website, email us or call our toll free number to give us your details before you head out – a simple, straightforward process.

Website registration enables you to quickly and easily fill in the forms online. Calling us toll free allows us to record all the important details for your planned activity. However you choose to contact us, we will confirm that we have received your information so you can be sure we are looking out for you.

It’s all in the detail

The list of outdoor activities in New Zealand is a long one. No matter what your choice of adventure, Safety Outdoors makes provision for the inevitable variances that will occur. The more information you give us before you start your activity, the better equipped the authorities will be to act should it be necessary.

Let us know when you're done

We then wait for you to confirm that you’ve finished your activity safely within the registered time frame. If we don’t hear from you, and are unable to reach you, we immediately follow a checking process with every contact point provided. If there is still no confirmation of your safety we then pass on your details to the appropriate authorities.